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Bedding at Millys Store

Choosing the perfect bedding can be confusing - and making the right choices can prove essential when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Here at Millys Store we have produced a guide to ensure that you choose the perfect bed linen for you and your home! We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right bedding!

Thread Count

Thread count is a measure of the quality of the fabric and refers to the number of threads - both vertical and horizontal - used per square inch of fabric. The higher the count, the higher the quality of the bed linen and the smoother and more luxurious it will feel.

However, thread count is a matter of personal preference, and should not be the only factor you consider when purchasing your perfect sheets. If you are looking for an extremely luxurious feel then go for a higher thread count, however printed or patterned bed linen is better off with a lower thread count.


100% Cotton: Cotton is long lasting and easy to care for, with a natural breathability and cool feeling. Cotton is a natural product, grown from a variety of different cotton plants, each with their own traditional growing areas. Cotton can either be carded or combed to make the fabric smooth to the touch.

Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian cotton, known the world over for its superior quality, is grown only in specific areas of the Nile delta where it has been cultivated for centuries for its superior quality. Egyptian cotton creates a soft, smooth handle with high quality durability and strength when spun into a yarn, creating soft and durable bed linen.

Pima Cotton: Pima cotton is extra-long staple cotton that is soft and absorbent and produces a soft fabric with similar properties to Egyptian Cotton. Pima cotton is technically slightly better than Egyptian Cotton but in practise the difference is small and the fabric choice often comes down to your own personal preference based on experience.

Poly-cotton Mix: Made from a blend of durable polyester and soft cotton, this option is comfortable as well as easy to care for. Printed bedding is usually printed onto a 50% Cotton 50% Polyester base.

Fabric Weaves

Percale: A percale weave is a type of plain weave, achieved by threads woven in a criss-cross pattern and usually in thread counts of 180 and above. Percale bed linen looks matte and feels smooth to touch. Percale launders beautifully is long lasting and durable.

Sateen: Sateen is also generally made from a combed thread, which is woven in a different way, to produce bed linen with a sophisticated sheen that feels luxuriously soft and smooth against the skin. The weave comprises of more vertical threads than horizontal threads which gives the silky finish. As well as having a lovely handle and drape, cotton sateen bed linen is easier to iron than percale.


Piped: Piping is a decorative finish on the edges of a duvet cover, pillowcase or cushion. It uses a fold of fabric sewn into a 'pipe' to add definition to a design, either in the same type of fabric or a different colour to create a contrast.

Embellished: Decorative detailing, which has been applied to the bedding design to add texture, colour and a little bit of luxury. This includes embroidery, beading, sequins and/or appliqué.

Printed: Printing allows large amounts of detail and beautiful design to be added to the bed linen fabric. A printing machine can use a screen to layer one or more colours onto the fabric, whilst digital printing is a more modern method which uses a large inkjet printer to create highly detailed intricate designs.

Brushed / Flannel: Flannelette or brushed cotton bed linen is brushed with a finishing process where brushes are used to 'nap' the weft yarns. The fibres are raised and teased to create a soft, fluffy surface.

This effect can be achieved by passing the fabric through rotating rollers, which have fine wires on them. The surface of the fibres is opened to give a brushed effect, perfect for use in autumn/winter months. 

Jacquard: Jacquard refers to the name of the loom that weaves highly detailed patterns directly into the fabric. This means the pattern is enhanced by the texture of the weave with a discreet sheen, creating a luxurious look and feel.

Waffle: This is a textured design forming small squares within the weave, leaving an effect which resembles honeycomb. In addition to being visually appealing, this weave makes bed linen highly breathable.

 Bed Linen Pieces


A flat sheet is a flat piece of fabric that can be used as a base sheet to cover your mattress, or as a top sheet to place between you and your duvet. They can add a much needed extra layer of warmth in winter months or used on their own in summer.

Fitted sheets have an elasticated edge to fit over the mattress, which holds the sheet in place. They can also be much easier to fit over the mattress than a flat sheet.


Valances cover the base of your bed and are held in place by your mattress over the top of it. They come in standard bed sizes and therefore fit snugly over the base of your bed. Valances can be the perfect accessory to discreetly cover the base of you bed, allowing it to tie in with the rest of your bedroom.  

Fitted Valance Sheet

A fitted valance sheet is placed and fitted over the mattress as well as covering the base of the bed.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers fit over the duvet and can feature a variety of designs, colours, patterns and trims to give your bedroom style and design. Available in popper and button fastenings, duvet covers can be purchased singly or as part of a duvet cover set which also includes matching pillowcases. 


Housewife: Housewife pillowcases are a simple rectangular shape with a pleat on the Inside which fits over the pillow, keeping it securely in place.

Oxford: Oxford pillowcases have an attractive material border around the edge of the pillowcase, making it appear larger than a housewife pillowcase, even though the space inside for the pillow is exactly the same.

Pillowshams: Purely decorative pillowcases, which usually match your other bedding exactly, they sometimes come quilted or embellished.

V Shaped Pillowcases: Designed specifically to fit V shaped pillows. These pillows are extremely versatile as the can be used for reading in bed or as added comfort & support.

Square Pillowcase: These are sometimes called continental pillowcases and require a square cushion inner to fill the pillowcase. They can either be plain or come with an oxford trim.